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Secondly, you need to be playing at the right tables. Although stars Poker offers a wide variety of tables, there are some games that you need to be paying particular attention to.The shorthanded No Limit tables are extremely profitable at stars Poker. These are the tables that only allow 6 players to play at one table. To understand why they are so profitable lets ask ourselves this..

Why would somebody play at a shorthanded table?

The answer to this is people that are looking for action! The people that love to get in their to gamble love playing at tables with only 6 people.

You will notice at stars Poker that the shorthanded tables have really high flop percentages and average pots (which is a very good thing)!

So your best bet is to learn how to master playing short handed. But if that isn't of interest to you, the No Limit tables with 9 people are also worth playing. The next tip...

stars Poker allows you to add an aviator next to your name. This is a little picture of whatever you want that players will see when your at the table.

There are a couple things you should do about this free stars Poker feature...

1. You can remember good or bad players much easier if they have a unique picture beside their name. When you enter a table you probably will probably see some aviators that you have seen before. Were they taking down all the pots or were they the reason you had a great night? If you have trouble remember then right click there name and add a player note.

2. Although some may argue this tip, avoid using an aviator. Sure they are fun and a great feature for poker sites that have them. But if you are a great player you don't want people to remember how great you are the next time you play then don't use this free stars Poker feature. So it is suggested that you avoid using an aviator and stick with the default logo that they prvide for you. If you think you are ready to see how great stars Poker is then click here.